I am a Tulsa-based photographer and filmmaker. I love Jesus, going on adventures, learning about my own family's history, and documenting our grand moments in history-making.

My own story begins when I was still in my mother's womb. My parents started reading a book about a young man whose family were poor peasants. He suffered for standing for his family's rights. An old man saved him, and he and his daughter nursed him back to health. The girl's name was Dorothea. My mom fell in love with the name and chose to call me Dorothea (pronounced “Dorothy-ah”).

I can often be found tagging along my 3 nephews and 2 nieces, photographing or filming their shenanigans. I guess you can call me a proud aunt. And because I’m a proud aunt, you can watch the pregnancy announcement of my niece and the birth videos of the last two in the Films section.

I love music! I’m pretty much always singing some song that’s stuck in my head, and I have a lot of fun singing with my sisters!

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology: Crisis Counseling.

I’m super passionate about the orphan and trafficking crises’ around the world. So much so I’m heading to Thailand this summer, and I hope to keep you updated on my adventures there through my blog!