Let's go on a little journey for a second. Go back to the moment that made you wish time could stop still for just a little bit. You're standing there, knowing time is slipping through your fingers and there is nothing you can do about it. If you had the power, would you do whatever it takes to hang on to that moment?


Perfect for a small glimpse into your life at a particular moment in time, like a maternity or newborn session, or a family activity. Also great for family lifestyle sessions. I will be more involved and suggest natural poses.

Available as photography session.


Four hour session that allows a larger chapter of your life to be documented. Capture the beauty of being together on a perfectly normal day. Available as either photography or film session, as well as both!

Available as both photography and/or film.


Whether you're traveling around the world or going on a vacation with your family, I would love to capture this adventure of a lifetime for you. Traveling is a family affair, so everyone should be in the pictures! This option is totally customizable to your needs starting from a full day to however long you want me to tag along.

Available as both photography and/or film.

*If I have multiple families in close proximity, I can reduce my travel fees! So if you know some other families who would be interested, get them onboard!


Capture your child's once in a lifetime birth with photos or on film. No one has ever regretted having someone document the special moments surrounding the birth. Remember the support of your husband and the birth team, as well as your first moments with the baby.

Available as both photography and/or film.


Your wedding day is an incredibly special day in your life that you should have the privilege of remembering forever. The only problem is that so much happens on this day, that you don't remember all the little things that happen. So let me document all those important moments for you: the time you steal away to have a quite moment away from all the hustle and bustle to savor the specialness of it all with your spouse, the tears of joy in your mom's eyes, the last few minutes your dad gets to be with his little girl before he gives her away - those are the moments that should always be remembered. So I'm going to be totally selfish right now and say I want to be the one to witness those moments and give you the chance to hold on to them forever. I might cry while I do so; but, darn, I will cherish the privilege of capturing your story!

Available as both photography and/or film.

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